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All trips are designed for minimum environmental impact - other than footprints, we leave no trace behind.

Our Sacred Journeys

iMfolozi Game Reserve

We are offering 7 days Deep Wilderness Journey at Imfolozi Wilderness Area - one of the oldest in the country is renowned for its efforts in saving the white Rhinos from extinction. With 99 000 hectare they have all the Big Five as well as a huge variety of Fauna and Flora.

This amazing Journey has been recognized as a life changing experience to the human soul and provides the opportunity to encounter the Wild Animals in a Personal Level, while reenacting the wild animals we carrying inside us. We walk on wild animal paths, sleep under the stars and bath in the river. We embrace nature, rest when we get tired and eat when we are hungry. Deep Wilderness Journey can be suitable for Young Adults, Adults, Hiking Clubs, Church Groups and Cooperate Groups as well as Individuals. All our Journeys are encouraging minimum impact (what we carry into the wilderness, we carry back) and we take what we need, not what we want.

Experience sitting under the African Sky around the fire while Lions are calling and embrace night watch. The primary purpose of night watch is security and keep watch at night while others are asleep. People takes turn until morning. It has been recognized as a jewel of the Wilderness Journey because it offers deep solitude
for the people and gives time to connect and reflect with nature.

St Lucia Wetland

iSimangaliso Wetland Park, St Lucia - World Heritage Site

Isimangaliso Wetland Park, previously known as the Great St Lucia Wetland Park, is situated on the east coast of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, about 275 kilometers north of Durban and it is South Africa's largest protected area. The word Isimangaliso means Miracle or something wondrous in Zulu. The Name came because of King Shaka's subject having been sent to the land of the Tsonga. When he came back he described the beauty that he saw as a miracle.

Walking on Hippopotamus path, listening to African Fish Eagles (Haliaeetus Vocifer) calling during the day. We camp under the stars and walk along the Lake observing Hippopotamus grunting and crocodile basking. This is another opportunity for the Human Soul to connect, heal and reflect with nature as we are offering 5 days walking wilderness journey to explore and to wonder along Sand Dunes of the Great Lake St Lucia.

Experience sitting under African Sky around the fire while Hippos grunting at night and embrace night watch. The primary purpose of night watch is security and to keep watch at night while others are asleep. People takes turns until morning. It has been recognized as a jewel of the Wilderness Journey because it offers
deep solitude for the people and gives time to connect and reflect with nature.

Drakensberg World Heritage Park

It is described by Unesco as having exceptional natural beauty in its soaring basaltic buttresses, incisive dramatic cutbacks, and golden sandstone ramparts. This is another opportunity to escape from the daily life routines and rejuvenate mind and soul. Explore some of the many natural caves often featuring ancient Bushman Paintings and embrace natural rock formations.

In the Mountains we are offering a Deep Wilderness Journey called Soul Medicines. Soul Medicine journey has been providing a meaningful and mindfulness experience where people climb their inner mountains and reflects their life. We sleep in caves and feel the San spirits while the Blackbacked Jackal (Canis Mesomelas) howling at night, embrace the waterfalls while we swim in crystal clear waters of the Mountains.

Soul Medicine Journeys are familiar with Rituals where we perform - smudging during the morning to clean the spirits and acknowledge the Spirits of the Past, Present and the Future. We walk with Harmony and respect the Spirits of the San People (the San People are members of various Khoisan speaking indigenous language and they hunter-gatherer people representing the first Nation of Southern Africa).

The 5 Days Soul Medicine Journey can change your life, and provide the healing moment to a suffering soul while we explore different caves, enjoying solitudes. We don't challenge mountains - we embrace the mountains, we learn and reflect by walking, and observing the mountains.

“To climb the mountain is an ancient act of ceremony. It requires stepping across the
boundaries of ego, surrendering plans, objectives and goals. It means humbly placing
one foot in front of other'.” -
Mandy Cadman

15 Days Wilderness Journeys
Imfolozi, St Lucia and Drakensberg Sacred Journeys

We can also combine all sacred journeys and experience the avalanches of life by experiencing all the journeys that take 15 days of deep wilderness experience. This is suitable for any nature lovers who would like to spend more time in Nature and experience different Wilderness within Kwazulu Natal.

This can be arranged and good preparations for the group is vital.

The Rite of Passage Journeys (5 days wilderness rite of passage journeys)
Imfolozi or St Lucia Wilderness Rite of Passage

When we look at ancient cultures it tells us that the transitions were celebrated in different ways. These transitions include life and death, girl to woman, boy to man, civilization to wilderness and school to university.

It helps us to acknowledge the barriers and cross the barriers, towards a new side of life and be prepared to explore the new life. This encourage us to embrace changes through life. Youngsters of today have been supported by parents to embrace transition by getting drunk and plunged into meaningless life changes.

This is a journey that helps the youngsters to take time to think and
explore themselves and cross into the new side of life.

Leadership Journeys (5 days Termites Journeys)
Imfolozi Wilderness

Reflection from Nature and Learn how nature sustains itself, how nature intermingles, how does nature cooperate, how does nature give life to us, how can we learn and implement that in our communities, workplace and families. We use Termites as a Primary Example.

This is a journey that helps to bind relationships between Managers and Directors,
Peitrachal and Miatrachal, football teams and human rehabilitation centres.

Relevant Questions about Journeys

What is the minimum and maximum number of the group?
The minimum number of the group is 6 and the maximum is 8

Do you also cater some special diets?
Yes, we cater some special kinds of diets even though we try to be basic in our diets in the bush.

How safe is the Wilderness Journey?
Guides have been guiding for years. They know a lot about African Wildlife and dangerous animals approached again. They carry firearms.

What must you wear on a journey?
Dull coloured clothes, for example Khakhi Clothes and Green Clothes.

What age is suitable for the Journey?
From 16 years - 69.

What to do when it rains?
We have shelters to use only if it rains.

What if someone gets sick on the Journey?
Guides are also first aiders as well, but we can communicate with the outside world if evacuation is needed.

Where do we get water from?
From the river we purify water with special treatment.

Do you provide transport?
Yes, we provide transport for pickups and drop off as well, but that needs prior arrangement.

Can I bring Alcohol on wilderness journey?
No, it contaminates the true essence of the wilderness experience.

What to bring on your Camping Adventure

  • A pair of boots
  • Rain coat
  • Sun screen
  • Sandalls
  • Sun hat
  • Dull coloured clothes eg.¬†khakhi or green
  • Head lamp
  • Torch for night watch (especially when on trail)
  • Pen knife
  • Binoculars 

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