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Umkhiwane Ecotours / Umkhiwane Sacred Journeys


Scelo Mbatha, also known as Big C, or Black lion (Wilderness Name) because of his impressive build, has been working as a Wilderness Trails Officer in Umfolozi National Park in the South African State Kwa-Zulu-Natal, near the border to Mozambique. Umfolozi is the oldest national park in South Africa. At a very early stage intensive and extensive safaris as well as hikes started across the national parks featuring the Big Five (lions, elephants, buffalos, leopards, rhinos).

Scelo Mbatha is the son of a first-generation wilderness ranger and has therefore, since his childhood, been closely connected to South Africa's wilderness and the traditional Zulu knowledge. He has obtained his enormous knowledge about the wilderness and the spiritual power of nature in teachings of his Zulu elders, and also through his studies of ecology in South African universities and training courses in deep ecology and through a spiritual access to the wilderness. Furthermore, he has more than 20 years of experience working as a wilderness guide. He guides groups of visitors and knows how to impart his knowledge in a fascinating way. With his own small wilderness company, Umkhiwane Sacred Journeys, he also guides Journeys in other wild regions in South Africa and Facilitates Seminars in German.

Together with other activists he has been trying to enable a new access to the wilderness not only to tourists from the West but also to the South African youth, guiding them to become adults - Read more about uBizo Lwemvelo here. His work has been featured in German radio stations, giving a lively impression of his abilities.


What makes us different

Umkhiwane Ecotours strives to exceed all expectations when it comes to both service and experience.

We treat our clients with professionalism, humility and respect at all times, and aim to create an experience of a lifetime that will enrich and enlighten all who participate.

We also practice what we preach with regards to the environment, and our tours not only educate the participants in conservation techniques, but are also guaranteed to have minimum impact on the surroundings.


Thomas Weber was born and raised in Bavaria Germany. With his roots and grandparents in the northern Croatian woods, he was early exposed to nature and wilderness. After a typical european working career with spending most of the time in front a computer, Thomas picked up his inner connection to the wilderness and joined a German wilderness school and started a 3 year education program. In parallel Thomas started working on his spiritual side and finally combines wilderness and spirituality. He is supposed to become a backup guide and be together with Sicelo on the primitive trails. Furthermore he acts as a European satellite for Umkhiwane Sacred Journeys my be approached by all clients during journey preparations and wrap up tasks to answer questions and be of assistance.

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