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Our daily life routines have been setting uncrossable barriers between human and nature. Even though these barriers can be crossed, we are always stuck to our comfort zones and cage our souls by not dancing in the rain and watching the sunsets and stars. We have prisoned our souls and lives like slaves and so attached to our daily routines, our dying souls have been desperate for wilderness and encountering some other wild creatures which we share the world with.

Umkhiwane Sacred Journeys is providing an opportunity for the people to sleep under the stars, to walk on an old path forged by Elephants, Rhinos, Buffalos, Giraffe, Lions and Leopard. These sacred path leads us towards sacred space and provide an opportunity to explore and to connect with nature. It is an opportunity to escape from the pressure of our daily routines and experiencing the wind blowing our hairs and Feel, Smell, Touch and Listening to some Lions roaring, Elephants trumpeting and Hyena whooping during the night while we sit around the fire under the African Sky.

Umkhiwane refers to the Broom Cluster Fig Tree (Ficus Capensis) - a traditional source of food and protection that has been vital to the survival of both wildlife and humans in Southern Africa. The tree has a very special significance to the Zulu people, as during times of drought and hardship its fruits offer a staple food substitute, ensuring survival under the even the harshest of conditions.

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The walking, keeping still, bird and animal watching, photographing nature, or reaching a point and taking in sounds, scents and movement in the Umfolozi has triggered a matchless self-satisfaction that is beyond words.
Ronald Mark